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After each festival we think the line-up has got better and better and this year is no exception. With your help the reputation of Staxtonbury has grown not only with prospective festival goers, also within the music circles and we have literally hundreds of bands from all over Europe asking to come and have a go with us. More so this year we are sticking with many bands and artists who have supported us over these past ten years, most of whom are local to Yorkshire.

It is time that we invite a few guest bands from further afield to support our locals. These are usually specially selected and specially checked out to make sure they fit in with you guys. Boomin (from Lancashire of all places) have become one of your favourites and they will be performing this year at a slightly earlier slot on Saturday 7th July 2018, along with the usual favourites, Huge, Soul Rida and a Queen tribute ‘Pure Magic’. To complete this line-up we have invited back the local favourites Friday Street who, after being missing the last few years, are back to their very best according to Dan Green (their lead singer). Staxtonbury wouldn’t be the same without the Shamrockers and Blue Alibi, both of whom are the festival stalwarts having played at all ten festivals. It is a fact that without these two bands doing so well in the early years we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Other popular bands already ‘signed up’ for our tenth anniversary are Snatch, aftermath, the Chris Berry Band, Quikshift, Trip Hazard, the Cloughton Rat Pack, the Woolgatherers, Unit 8, the Nobodys, Five Divide, York Turnpike Trust, Starfish, Dark Lightening (Derbys), Kaya, Polygon, Sub Gents, Travellin Band, Strangers in Paradise, with many more to follow.

On the acoustic side we already have the likes of Jim Taylor, Phil Hooley, the Heavily Bros, Ashleigh McPherson, Jimbo/Laura Kindelan, Walking on Air, March the Ally, Suzy Bradley, Kelly Ann Bolland, Tan McKenzie, Dale Spencer, Alan Lewis, Jesse Hutchinson and the incomparable Mark Stanley.

Once again there will be five stages in total, the main stage will be run by Pulse Sound, the marquee stage (which will be even bigger this year) will be run by R & O Sound, the acoustic run by Chappers, who will also keep an eye on the kids stage and Blueskies (Graham) will run the jamming stage.

We do try to cater for every genre of music as we can, and over these past ten years have had everything from opera to country and western and bagpipes to ukuleles, so rest assured whatever you like it will be on one of the stages at some point.


Family Music Festival

Described by NME as "... with a varied line-up from folk to hard rock, Staxtonbury is easily North Yorkshire's most notable musical event"

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Family Music Festival 2018Family Music Festival 2018

Family Music Festival 2018Family Music Festival 2018Family Music Festival 2018