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The final line up for the three stages is as follows, and is correct as of 25/4/17, but of course with this being a festival they are subject to change. The times will be announced at the festival, this is a running order:

Main Stage

Friday 7/7/17
Malton School Band, Malton
The Extreme, Norfolk
The Harringtons, Barnsley
Five Divide, Whitby
Snatch, Scarborough
Qwikshift, Filey
The Shamrockers ft Chaz De Paulo, Scarborough/USA
Big J and the Piccolo Chickens, Malton
*Rachel Skelton

Saturday 8/7/17
The Colour Fire, Scarborough
Trip Hazard, Staxton
Blue Alibi, Scarborough
Rat Pack, Cloughton
Enlisted, Bridlington
Chris Berry Band, Leeds
Entertainment Co, York
Kaya, York
Soul Rida, York/Scarborough
Take That Live, Wakefield
Huge, York
Bogus Beatles, Malton
Boomin, Wigan

Sunday 9/7/17
Laura Kindelan, York
The Woolgatherers ft Dave Kemp, Scarborough
The Jackdaws, Beverley/Driffield
Skandals, Scarborough
Aftermath, Scarborough


Marquee Stage

Friday 7/7/17
Nowhere Now, Scarborough
Chu Ma Shu, Pickering
Northern Riots, Scarborough
Fireball, York
Unit 8, York
York Turnpike Trust, York
Aftermath, Scarborough
Sub Gents, Scarborough

Saturday 8/7/17
Tom Davenports Students, Scarborough
Loz Campbell, Wakefield
Starfish, Scarborough
GOUY (Ukelele), York
Kanorwurmz, York
Psycheville, Stockton
Graces, Sheffield
Oddity Road, Barnsley
Travellin Band, York
The Nobodys, Malton
Strangers in Paradise, Harrogate
Alexa De Strange, Scarborough
Take That Live, Wakefield
Amy Cutler Band, Scarborough
GOUY (Ukelele), York

Sunday 9/7/17
Anima, Scarborough
Animal Club, Bridlington
Bloomin Acadian Driftwood, Liverpool
Freeman, Stockton
Pop Pigs, Huddersfield
Moody East, Bridlington

Acoustic Stage

Friday 7/7/17
Lizzie Aspey, Driffield
Graham Beck, Hull
March the Ally, Scarborough
Matt Collins, Driffield
Jim Taylor, Scarborough
Mark Stanley, Scarborough
Kelly Ann Bolland, Scarborough
Empire Band, Scarborough

Saturday 8/7/17
Enlisted, Bridlington
Dale Spencer, York
Abi Foster, Wales
Heavily Brothers, Filey
Phil Foggy Hooley, Scarborough
John Parkes, Leeds
Chris Berry, Leeds
Acadiam Driftwood, Liverpool
Kaya, York
Jimbo Doomface, York
Sophy Norris and Jordan, Scarborough
Ashleigh Mcpherson, Scarborough
James Turner, Liverpool
Tom Davenport, Scarborough

Sunday 9/7/17
Martin Heaton, Pickering
Laura Kindelan, York
Law Focus, Scarborough
Abi Foster, Wales
Greame Wright, Malton



All slots on each stage are now full so no further applications required from any bands or artists. Thanks.



Described by NME as "... with a varied line-up from folk to hard rock, Staxtonbury is easily North Yorkshire's most notable musical event"

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