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After each festival we think the line-up has got better and better and this year is no exception. With your help the reputation of Staxtonbury has grown not only with prospective festival goers, also within the music circles and we have literally hundreds of bands from all over Europe asking to come and perform on our stage.

A full list of acts will be available shortly after everyone has confirmed.

Along with the five extra entertainment time on the stages comes lots of new bands and artists which will mean lots of new faces and will enable us to cover more genres to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

The main stage will have some of the usual suspects on show, including the ever present Blue Alibi and the world renowned Shamrockers. Boomin, Huge, Soul Rida and Friday Street will top the bill on Saturday evening along with the country’s top Pet Shop Boys tribute, the Essential Pet Shop Boys, Chris Berry Band, Big Si and the Yawns, Follow Deep, Starfish, Rocketsmith, the York Turnpike Trust, Wool Gatherers, Converse, with many, many more to follow.

You will all be glad to know “Soggy” has made a full recovery so all being well we can welcome back ‘the Cloughton Rat Pack’. It is hoped that 2019 will also see the return of the top international guitarist CHAS DI PAULO, who is again hoping to call in as part of his European tour, and will be playing a blues set on the marquee stage which is not to be missed.

The very best acoustic artists in the area are all set to perform over the weekend including Bandwagon, the Heavily Brothers, Circa 15, Mark Stanley, Phil ‘Foggy’ Hooley, Chris Berry, Jim Taylor, Graeme Wright, Matt Collins, Jimbo, to name but a few.

Other new initiatives will see come and have a go sessions on the acoustic stage, on both Friday and Saturday mornings at 10.30 am until 12 noon. These sessions are for young and old aspiring singers and musicians, just bring your instruments and Jack will look after you.




Music apart, Magic Mike will be headlining the kids stage, along with Ryan Swain and Frank Lamingo. The Moo Music crew will be encouraging the little one to join in and a silent ‘singalong tent’ will be available again.

Along with lots of stalls, loads of rides and a mini fun fair, and free sports coaching, it’s enough to blow your mind deciding what to do next!


Family Music FestivalDescribed by NME as "... with a varied line-up from folk to hard rock, Staxtonbury is easily North Yorkshire's most notable musical event"

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Family Music Festival 2018Family Music Festival 2018