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Again we will be holding “Stackers" at Manor Farm, Staxton, YO12 4SH by kind permission of Tony and Helen Hill, who are the perfect hosts and as we have learnt since getting to know them that nobody likes a party more than they do, the site is ideal for a festival.

Our new system of security fencing will be used again to make sure only bona fide ticket holders can gain access, and a designated family camping area with the extra field for the not so quiet people. Wherever you pitch your tent, caravan or camper van, the most you will be is a few hundred yards from the arena and stages itself so you can park-up next to your tent and leave the car well alone for the weekend without any worries. 24 hour security by Active Security will be maintained, and A Medical Team will be on site during the entertainment periods.

Disabled parking close to the stage is available.

We have over 60 toilets on site including disabled facilities (all cleaned regularly over the weekend by the ever smiling Sharon, she's our hero!) and fresh water supplies, however no electrical hook-ups are available. Sockets for phone charging are available in the Beauty Salon for a small charge.

Getting to Staxtonbury 9 couldn't be easier. Signs for the festival will be clearly displayed, but our location is half a mile west of the Staxton Hill traffic lights on the A64 Scarborough to York Road. The entrance will be well signed and it is almost opposite Ganton Service station.


N.B. Your Sat Nav will not take you to the main entrance! Stay on the A64 and you can't miss us. The nearest train station is Seamer (3 miles away). Regular bus routes from Scarborough, Bridlington, Filey, Malton and York with a bus stop outside the main entrance.

Contact Information

Ray Roberts - 07798655416 or email

Mark Chaplin - 07784233986 or email



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Staxtonbury all about?
A. Staxtonbury is a really friendly, safe and fun festival that has a family atmosphere. There are great local bands, local beers and local foods on show in a lovely Yorkshire countryside setting. Staxtonbury has helped in donating £1000's to local charities including St Catherine's Hospice and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance as well as local churches, sports clubs, scout groups etc. We have also helped a large number of small local businesses to get themselves established and also given the chance for 1000's of
artists and bands to gain the experience of performing on a big stage and raising their profiles, as well as paying them for their efforts to help towards expenses and costs.

Q. Is there plenty for the kids to do over the weekend and will it cost a fortune?
A. Yes and no! There are lots of free activities on within the arena (where they will be safe) including Magic Mike Shows, kids disco, Little Stephs Musical Storytime, Punch & Judy, Farmer Tom's Haystack, The Arts & Crafts Workshop, Golf, Tennis & Football Coaching and best of all lots of clean, safe grassy open spaces to play. All this with the Staxtonbury Bears on hand if anyone wants a dance or a cuddle.

At a small cost there will be age ranging bouncy castles, slides, bungees, rides, waterballs and some toy stalls etc. So don't worry about them too much and enjoy yourself! Click here for further details.

Q. When can we pitch our tents, caravans, campers etc?
A. One main change will be regarding the pitching of tents and siting of caravans/campers. Due to us tightening up on security and keeping the safe friendly atmosphere we have had we will be restricting the times when festival goers can 'set up camp'. This will allow us to make sure everyone gets the spaces they wish. The family camping areas have been substantially increased so there will be no problem in finding the space you require. To this extent festival goers can set up between 10am and 8pm on Thursday 6th July '17 and from 9am on Friday 7th July '17. Please note that tickets will have to be shown prior to setting up camps.

Q. Are drinks and food expensive?

A. In a word no! We run our own bar and like our entrance fees we try to keep it within the family budget. Beer will again be in line with local pub prices (as are other drinks). All the
caterers appreciate the family values we promote and to this extent they keep their prices in line with ours.

Q. Can I buy tickets at the gates?

A. No, we set ourselves a limit to people attending in line with our health and safety policy. The first 8 years have been sold out well in advance and we would advise you to book tickets as early as possible. The last
tickets sold online will be midnight on Sunday July 2nd 2017.

Q. Will I be able to pitch next to my friends?
A. Usually yes, the site is 24 acres so you can usually get together in your groups and park next to your tents. We have extended the family camping considerably this year so you will have no problems.

Q. What happens if it rains?
A. We don't think it is possible to rain more than it did in 2012 and the field (which is sand based) stood up to it really well. There are plenty of marquees for shelter so rest assured the show will go on!

Q. Are dogs allowed to Staxtonbury?
A. Yes, as long as they are well behaved and are monitored closely by their owners and kept on a lead..

Q. I am 18 and some of my friends are 17 can I be their appropriate adult?
A. No, groups of youths will not be admitted whatever their ages, by all means come with parents (who must camp close by), under 18's need to be accompanied by someone over 21 and responsible.

Q. I am only 16 but planning on going away with my friend and their parents, will I be able to get my own ticket?
A. Yes there is a space on the online bookings area to enter the family group name you intend to go with. This will be verified and you will receive your ticket once this has been done.

Q. Can we bring our own food and drink?
A. Yes, no problem as long as it is for personal cosumption only. Please bare in mind no glass is allowed to be taken in to the festival area.

Q. Are the toilets clean?
A. Yes, they are the best portable toilets available in the area and are cleaned on a regular basis.

Q. Will there be a quiet area for my young children to get a good nights sleep?
A. Yes, there will be a designated area for families and people who prefer a quieter area.

Q. How do we find out the line up for each day?
A. The bands/artists will be updated over the weekend so you will be able to view this or indeed print out in advance. There will be noticeboards up near the stage which will be updated on a regular basis.

Described by NME as "... with a varied line-up from folk to hard rock, Staxtonbury is easily North Yorkshire's most notable musical event"

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