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Charities and Organisations already supported by Staxtonbury this year include; Scarborough D.A.G.S, Samaritans, Tickets for Troops, Scarborough Carers, Cottage Aid, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Greenpeace, Staxton CC, St Leonards Hospice in York, Martins House in Wetherby, Whitby Interactive, Ryedale Mumbler.

Any charities wishing to apply for free tickets for their staff or to use them at fund raising raffles etc should contact Ray Roberts on 07798655416 asap.


Since the first festival in 2009 we have made substantial donations to all sorts of charites and causes and with your help and support we hope to continue this trend to make a real difference to some families and organisations, mainly local but some national ones.

In 2009 we donated £500 to the Alzheimers Society as well as making contributions to local churches, sports clubs and individuals. This was topped last year through the efforts of Bob Nassan and Steff Little, who with the help of the straw bears going on a trip to the Muston Scarecrow Festival raised £1100 to help a little boy (Ilham) from Scarborough combat a severe illness.

We try to help local charities as much as possible and also regional ones including the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, whilst nationally we contribute to the RNIB, The Royal castle Foundation and the Tickets for Soldiers along with Help The Heroes.

Any organisations that might feel we can help them should contact Bob, Ray or Mark via the contacts page even if its to ask for some tickets that may help in forthcoming raffles or charity events or even a thank you to volunteers.

For any charity enquiries please contact Ray Roberts 07798655416



Described by NME as "... with a varied line-up from folk to hard rock, Staxtonbury is easily North Yorkshire's most notable musical event"

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